Major International Events sanctioned by DNBK Honbu and DNBK ID

First All America Butoku Sai -1992

First World Butoku Sai -1998

Second World Butoku Sai - 2002

40th National All Japan Butoku Sai - 2002

Second All America Butoku Sai - 2004

First Youth International Butoku Sai - 2004

Portugal Sintra: International Rensei Taikai- 2005

UK London: Budo Seminar and Rensei Taikai-2006

France Chartres: International Rensei Taikai- 2006

Spain Madrid: International Rensei Taikai-2006

Belgium Brussels: Belgium Butoku Sai- 2006

Canada Toronto:Rensei Taikai- 2006

USA Norfolk: First World Youth Butoku Sai - 2007

Japan Kyoto: Third World Butoku Sai - 2008

USA Norfolk: Rensei Taikai in honor of Hanshi Dometrich - 2009

Japan Kyoto: Elite Budo Seminar in Jujutsu- 2009

Greece Athens: International Rensei Taikai- 2009

Japan Kyoto: Japan Youth Butoku Sai and International Youth Participation-2010

Japan Kyoto: Elite Budo Seminar in Karatedo and Kobudo-2010

USA Virginia: Third America Butoku Sai and Gasshuku for 45th Anniversary of USA Shibu-2010

Japan Kyoto: Elite Budo Seminar in Iaido and Kobudo-2011

Second World Youth Butoku Sai and Canada Butoku Sai - 2011

Fourth World Butoku Sai and 50th Japan Butoku Sai-2012

The following events are tentatively scheduled based on the DNBK Honbu missions and objectives in the next five years 2013-2017. They are subject to change and adjustment in accordance with official policy priorities. In addition to the below official projects, each international Shibu may have their Shibu Taikai. All DNBK sanctioned events are exclusively for the DNBK members.

Japan Kyoto: Elite Budo Seminar in Jujutsu, Aikijujutsu, Kobudo, Butokuden-June 2013

UK Butoku Sai, London – August 2013

Japan Kyoto: Elite Budo seminar in Karatedo, Kobudo, Butokuden-June 2014

USA: Fifth America Butoku Sai in commemoration of Fiftieth Anniversary of US Shibu-March USA 2015

Japan Kyoto: Elite Budo Seminar in Iaido, Kobudo, Butokuden- June 2015

Japan Kyoto: Fifth World Butoku Sai Kyoto Butokuden, Taisho Butokuden Commemorative Taikai, Kyoto-April 24-May 2, 2016