Major International Events sanctioned by DNBK Honbu and DNBK ID

1965-1992 Various Regional and Collegiate Budo EventsVirginia, USA
1992 First All America Butoku SaiVirginia, USA
1994 UK Rensei TaikaiLondon, UK
1998 First World Butoku SaiNorfolk, Virginia USA
2002 Second World Butoku SaiKyoto, Japan
40th National All Japan Butoku SaiKyoto, Japan
2004 Second All America Butoku SaiVirginia, USA
First Youth International Butoku SaiKyoto, Japan
2005 Portugal International Rensei TaikaiSintra, Portugal
Spain International Rensei TaikaiMadrid, Spain
2006 UK Budo Seminar and Rensei TaikaiLondon, UK
France International Rensei TaikaiChartres, France
Belgium Butoku SaiBrussels, Belgium
Canada Rensei TaikaiToronto, Canada
2007 First World Youth Butoku SaiNorfolk VA, USA
2008 Third World Butoku SaiKyoto, Japan
2009 USA Rensei Taikai in honor of Hanshi DometrichNorfolk VA, USA
Elite Budo Seminar in JujutsuKyoto, Japan
Greece International Rensei TaikaiAthens, Greece
2010 Japan and International Youth Butoku SaiKyoto, Japan
Elite Budo Seminar in Karatedo and KobudoKyoto, Japan
Third America Butoku Sai and Gasshuku for 45th Anniversary of USA ShibuVirginia, USA
2011 Elite Budo Seminar in Iaido and KobudoKyoto, Japan
Second, World Youth Butoku Sai and Canada Butoku SaiToronto, Canada
2012 Fourth World Butoku Sai and 50th Japan Butoku SaiKyoto, Japan
2013 UK Butoku Sai in Commemoration of 111th anniversary of Anglo-Japan AllianceLondon, UK
2014 Elite Budo Seminar in Karatedo, Iaido and JujustuKyoto, Japan
2015 50th Anniversary of USA DNBK America Butoku Sai and GasshukuVirginia, USA
120th Year Anniversary of DNBKKyoto, Japan
2016 Fifth World Butoku Sai and 54th Japan Butoku SaiKyoto, Japan
2017 France Butoku Sai and International Youth Butoku SaiClermont-Ferrand, France
2022 127th Anniversary of DNBK and 6th World Butoku SaiKyoto, Japan
  DNBK ID Shibu Taikai is held in UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Canada and Italy
2023 128th Anniversary of DNBK and 6th World Butoku SaiKyoto, Japan
  DNBK ID Shibu Taikai is to be scheduled in various countries with collaborations with DNBK Honbu:
UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Canada and Italy

Please contact the prospective Shibu leaders for more information.

E-Butoku News based on the above events is issued periodically to the official DNBK members.

All DNBK sanctioned events are exclusively offered to the DNBK international division members.