Appointed Officials of DNBK International Division
as of June 2022

Jose Manuel Araujo Aikido Renshi Coordinator of Portugal
Herberts Aroca Karatedo Kyoshi Representative of Chile
Kim Baylor Karatedo Kyoshi, Shihan, Renshi Kendo and Iaido Executive Secretariat, DNBKID
Christian and Roderick Bajada Jujutsu Renshi Representative of Malta
Fabio Bardanzellu Iaido Kyoshi, Kobudo Kyoshi Representative of Italy Shibu
Sylvian Berthiaume Karatedo Kyoshi Coordinator of Quebec Canada
Silvia Bogarim Aikido Renshi Coordinator of Portugal
Robert Burgermeister Karatedo Kyoshi, So-Shihan Representative of ISKU
Pierre Chalmagne Aikido Hanshi, Soke Honorary Representative of Belgium Shibu
Andre Cognard Aikido Hanshi, So-Shihan Representative of France Shibu
Pedro Dabauza Jujutsu Hanshi, So-Shihan Representative of Spain Shibu
Robert Dejardin Jujutsu Renshi Coordinator of Belgium Shibu
Chris Diliberto Karatedo Hanshi Representative of Canada Shibu
Barbara Dometrich Karatedo Meiyo Hanshi Representative of USA Shibu
Anthony Joaquin Jujutsu Renshi Coordinator of Gibraltar
Kostas Karipidis Aikijujutsu Renshi Representative of Greece
Larry King Karatedo Hanshi Ho, Shihan Counselor of DNBK ID
Ron Kluger Karatedo Hanshi Representative of Israel
Franz Knafl Jujutsu Kyoshi Coordinator of Austria
Perry Lambert Aikido Kyoshi Coordinator of Florida USA
Carl Long Iaido Hanshi Representative of USA Shibu
Steve Mahan Karatedo Hanshi, Shihan Representative of USA Shibu
Richard Mark Karatedo Kyoshi Coordinator of Western Canada
Gregory McKenna Karatedo Kyoshi Coordinator of Eastern Canada
Pietro Paterna Aikido Hanshi Ho Coordinator of Italy Shibu
Roger Payne Judo Hanshi, Kyoshi Aikido, Iaido Representative of UK Shibu
Codruta Rechesan Jujustu Renshi Representative of Romania
Ric Riley Karatedo Kyoshi Representative of North Eastern USA
James Rooney Jujutsu Renshi Coordinator of UK Shibu
Paolo Salvadego Aikido Kyoshi Coordinator of Italy Shibu
Bruce Scrivens Iaido Hanshi Coordinator of UK Shibu
Mike Selvey Iaido Kyoshi Coordinator of UK Shibu
Zaven Hovhannisyan Aikido Coordinator of Armenia
Kenneth Shockey Karatedo Hanshi, So-Shihan Honorary Representative USA
Pete Stinger Karatedo Hanshi, Shihan Coordinator of USA
Ken Tallack Karatedo Hanshi, So-Shihan Representative of Canada Shibu
Dan Taylor Karatedo Kyoshi Coordinator of Western USA
Shuichi Terashima Kendo Renshi Coordinator of UK
Nigel Tew Jujutsu Renshi Coordinator of UK
Hubert Thomas Aikido Hanshi Representative of France
Alfredo Vismara Judo Hanshi Coordinator of Italy
Kevin Walsh Jujutsu Kyoshi Representative of Australia
Mike Williams Aikido Kyoshi Coordinator of UK
Wolfgang Wimmer Jujutsu Kyoshi Representative of Germany
Igor Zaytsev Jujustu Renshi Coordinator of Latvia
Tesshin Hamada Hanshi Chair DNBK International Division

Coordinators and Representatives are based on geographical area of definitions and the number of registered members of DNBK. There may be more than one representative in each country. This is not based on Ryu Ha Dojo and related associations. DNBK Honbu reviews the performance objectives of each position and notifies the change of the status every two years.

DNBK ID Official Budo Kenshoin

Karatedo: Karatedo: Karatedo: Hanshi Diliberto, Hanshi Holley, Hanshi Kluger, Hanshi Tallack, Hanshi Mahan, Hanshi Stinger, Kyoshi Aroca, Hanshi Ho Lymbouris, Kyoshi Kembre, Kyoshi Lewis, Kyoshi Mark, Kyoshi Riley, Kyoshi Simon, Kyoshi Taylor, Kyoshi Gusack, Kyoshi Hastings, Kyoshi Steinbeck

Aikido: Hanshi Chalmagne, Hanshi Cognard, Hanshi Thomas, Hanshi Cortier, Hanshi Forni, Hanshi Ho Paterna, Kyoshi Salvadego, Kyoshi Mathar

Aikijujutsu: Renshi Karipidis

Kendo: Renshi Terashima

Iaido: Hanshi Long, Hanshi Scrivens, Kyoshi Bardanzellu

Jujutsu: Hanshi Dabauza, Kyoshi Walsh, Kyoshi Wimmer

Judo: Hanshi Dabauza, Hanshi Vismara, Hanshi Payne, Hanshi Raymond, Hanshi Ramaeckers

Kobudo: Kyoshi Bardanzellu

Okinawa Kobudo: Kyoshi Tallack, Renshi Mark, Renshi Riley, Renshi Taylor

The above list of Kenshoin was appointed and confirmed as of June 2022.

*Official Kenshoin also serve as the controller and supervisor of the floor in regards to the rules of the conduct during the demonstration event such as WBS and IRT and other official functions.